Home Gym Fitness Suction Cup Sit-Up Cushion Stand Bars Abdominal Muscle Training Body Shaping Building Bar

With four adjustable height for different needs.
Suitable for waist, abdomen, leg and body shaping.
Foam handles are comfortable and prevent chafing.
Steel frame brings extreme durability and great assistance.

Item Type: Sit-up Bar
Material: Steel, Foam
Color: Black+Blue
Size: 26*22cm

Package Included:
1* Sit-up Bar(with Suction Cup)
1. Please allow 2-3% error due to manual measurement.
2. Please note that printed pattern difference should be acceptable for the light and screen.
3. The wooden floor must have a smooth surface. The non-slip uneven wooden floor cannot absorb it. Do not press it into the floor gap.
4. The width of the floor must be greater than 15cm.

1. Sit-ups: exercise your whole body muscles and build a small waist.
2. Yoga stretching: exercise waist and leg muscles and toughness.
3. Supine: exercise waist and abdominal muscles and human nail line.
4. Curvy legs and abdomen: exercise the muscles of the legs, abdomen and back.
5. Rolling belly and stretching legs: exercise waist and leg muscles and physical beauty.

Installation Steps:
1. Select smooth ground: it needs to be used on smooth ground, and avoid the gap between the ground.
2. Clean the floor / suction cup: Wipe the floor and the suction cup with a damp cloth to remove the dust for better suction.
3. Sucker installation: Press down the product to exhaust the air. Press down the wrench while pressing down.
4. Height adjustment: press the spring buckle inward, hold the crossbar at the same time, pull up or down to adjust the height.



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  • Classified by Exerciser Number: 1
  • Function: Muscle Relex Apparatus
  • Teaching Mode: –
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